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As an adult webmaster you're in such an oversaturated market place with so many cookie cutter horseshit sites out there; you need to stay ahead of the curve and promote the newest trends. This is your chance to promote a brand new type of site and enjoy the rewards of hitting a never before seen niche. We shoot videos with high real slow motion cameras and capture stuff that NO ONE has ever seen before. Try sending some traffic to our flagship site SexySlowMotion and see the conversions, they speak for themselves.

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Why Promote SexySlowMotion?
In this market you need to promote sites that stand out from the crowd. Promoting new and exciting sites will always be more profitable than oversaturated niches.

Program Overview
- 50% lifetime recurring on all memberships
- 50% of all shopping cart sales
- 10% webmaster referral program
Promotional Materials Available
- Hosted Picture & Movie Galleries
- FLV files for your tube & video sites
- 365 day cookie for maximum earnings potential
- 10% webmaster referral program

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